Monday, February 16, 2009

Dinosaur Anyone?

We took the boys out to breakfast this morning and then we told them we had a surprise for them. We took them to the Dinosaur Museum. They loved it. We watched a movie in 3D in the Imax theatre. Sean kept telling the dinosaur's to go away. He didn't like it to much. They had a lot of interactive activities to do and we had a great time. They also got to make their own castings of a T-Rex tooth and a Raptor claw.


Angie said...

Looks fun...I remember telling Brynley that we were going to the dinosaur museum, but when we got there, she asked me where all the dinosaurs were...she didn't think we were going to be looking at

jasonandlisa said...

That is too funny! We went to breakfast this morning and then went to the dinosaur museum too! We didn't see you guys there though :(. It looks like you had tons of fun!